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  1. Hello Hi, my names Jake. IG logiic. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be posting various guides Ranging from PVM, Skilling and Money Making. If there are any guides you'd like to see specifically give me a message in game or reply to this thread
  2. Thank's. currently working on a Zulrah guide but it's taking some time.
  3. Beginner Money Making 1. Thieving For those just starting out Thieving from 1-99 is by far the best method for early cash. Where? just north of the home bank you can start thieving. From 1-99 with the 4x multiplier active it will take around 30 minutes to get to 99. Earning roughly 26m exp per hour. Loot By doing this you can expect to earn around 7.5m. This works out to be around 15m an hour. From 1-99 without the multiplier you can expect to earn 30m. 2. Revenants Setting up To start out you want to kill Revenant Imps for Bracelet of Ethereum. You'll want to get about 5 of these and dismantle 4 Use the ether to charge your remaining bracelet. Gear Low level gear Using diamond bolt(E) the kills I find it best to kill the Ork, Pryofiend and the Hellhound. These monsters will drop tons of alchables and noted items along side rare drops such as Craws bow. Loot Killing Revenants you can expect around 4.5m per hour Significantly less than thieving but if you get rares, profit will be bumped up. You can also Fletch the bolt tips into bolts for an extra 1m profit.
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