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Gambling ranks & clan chat

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Here at Sapphire we wish to keep the gambling community to a controlled and scam free environment. To do so, there are a few rules in place as to who can host gamble games.

Gamble CC

In order to host any gambling games you must be ranked in the gamble cc. You must purchase these ranks.

Gamble CC Ranks & Prices

Recruit - 200m or a dice bag

Corporal - 500m

Sergeant - 1B

Lieutenant - 2.5B

Captain - 5B

General - Will only be given to those through application. If you wish to know more PM Verkys.

Bets & Pots

You may only hold a maximum of which is stated by your rank. Breaking this rule will result in removal of rank.

Recruit - 100m bet - 200m pot
Corporal - 250m bet - 500m pot
Sergeant - 500m bet - 1B pot
Lieutenant - 1.25B bet - 2.5B pot
Captain - 2.5B bet - 5B pot
General - Unlimited pot


You may only host within the "Gamble" CC

You may not go over your max bet/pot

All hosts are required to advertise their max bet

Hosts are not entitled to tips, however may receive tips

If neither of you are ranked and wish to FP/Hot or Cold you must have a ranked MM who can hold your pot

Even though you are betting against someone who is ranked, we advise you record all bets

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